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Hello, and welcome to jbytes.us, a personal playground belonging to a woman named Jamie. This playground has a wide variety of projects that might be of some interest to you that Jamie herself has created. Please, feel free to browse around the domain. Remember, if you need to contact me, you can send me an email via the contact form.

The Theme!

Jbytes.us is currently representing version 1.0 a no name theme. At this moment in time, version 1.0 of jbytes.us hasn't any theme name only a theme with a bunch of different colors. Even though version 1.0 doesn't have a name now, who's to say that it won't in the future?

The Updates!

Even though I did register another website, which you guys might have been too secret-self.website, it's been said by some (and this includes Tristan) that the domain name itself sounded a bit corny, so I decided to trash the idea and move the playground to jbytes.us. I moved sites only because secret-self.website does sound corny if you know the meaning behind it, which basically means soul when looked up at Thesaurus.com. I guess at the time of my registering the .website, I was actually completing an impulse buy without really thinking over the domain name itself. Since finding out that secret-self.website sounded corny, I switched domains - obviously.